Using the iPad with the UR44


I am considering investing in the UR44 interface, but would like to know a little bit more about the compatibility with the iPad.

Specifically, having hooked an iPad up to the UR44, does the audio from the iPad feed through the UR44, and then subsequently back into my DAW/PC, enabling me to record synths from the iPad into my DAW, effectively using it as an external synth? I can’t seem to find the answer to this question anywhere where i’ve looked, I can only information relating to recording to the iPad.

This would probably seal the deal for me, as I’ve been looking for an all-round solution like this for a while.

Many thanks


If you want to record your external synth’s output into your iPad software, you will need to connect the line output of your synth into the UR44 inputs and then configure your DAW’s inputs to capture the signal.