Using the LE to delete all CC info?

Is there a way to use the Logical Ed to delete all CC info inside MIDI events from the proj. window? I am thinking this is a tall order, but was hoping there is a way and that someone might know how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Select the desired MIDI Parts, then…
Logical Editor
Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Controller

Leave lower section blank

Function = “Delete”

(C’mon, Jeff… you knew how to do that!? :slight_smile: )

I just open a midi clip/track in list view. Find an offending message and click on it then filter for that and get all of them and control A select them all and hit the delete button.

Thanks guys.


Holy crap - it’s that easy???

Well, of course I did… I was only trying to see if you knew how to do it…