Using the mod wheel

I am a total amateur at this and don’t understand any of the terminology so bear with me.

I have a sound loaded in a slot rack. I want to use the mod wheel on my controller to adjust the velocity to create a swell effect as required. Can I do this? If so, how? Currently using the mod wheel triggers a tremelo/chorus effect.

If you want to use the mod wheel I think you can disregard the velocity in this context. Here’s my suggestion:
In the Modulation Matrix, from the drop down list, you can choose the mod wheel as the source to control the filter frequency (destination). Experiment with the depth control and the filter frequency to find the sweet spot for your sweep. I suggest that you start by setting the filter freq to approx 500 Hz. It might also be a good idea to experiment with the setting of the Filter Resonance.

You can off course use velocity as a source to control the filter frequency but then you won’t be able to make a sweep, which is the “effect” you are after.

A second alternative to make a sweep, if your keyboard allow you to, is to use “aftertouch” to control the filter frequency in stead of the mod wheel. Now it’s the amount of pressure you put on the keyboard that is controlling the filter frequency. Don’t forget to adjust the depth control in the mod matrix in order to make things happening.