Using the parallel pin-out directly on motherboard?

Want another one? :mrgreen:

Yea…I have two of the MTPAV’s, one parallel, and the other USB. If i’m not mistaken…there was a firmware update for the MTPAV’s! I bought the USB version to replace the parallel one, but now since I use mostly VSTi’s I’ve been getting away with one controller so the Fireface 800 has been enough. I also have some other MIDI dinosaurs in my studio, but I’ve been weaning myself off the old tech for the new! As a result, I don’t have to troubleshoot as many connections. :sunglasses:

Heck! I don’t remember…(LOL) :slight_smile: Ask the guys at MOTU…I’d also ask them about the pinout of the MTPAV (standard or proprietary) they should be able to get you up to speed!

Yea! No use in throwing away a perfectly good 1939 Wuppermann! :mrgreen: