Using the roland/studio electronics se-02 in cubase

does anyone use the SE-02 in their cubase setup ? Ive been struggling for ages to get the editor within cubase to communicate with the harwarde device itself. In cubase (11 pro) I have 3 tracks, one for the editor, one for midid and an audio in. Ive set the synth to midi channel 16 and when I press a key on my keybaod I get sounds. So that part seems to be working ok. I cant change any patches from within cubase though so there is no communication. Ive followed the instructions in the manual (bit rubbish to be honest) But I just cant get it to work. Has anyone else used this unit successfully within cubase and managed to change patches from the plugin ?

I have one which i use from time to time, AWESOME little powerhouse of a synth!
I don’t recall this being an issue but, i’m due to track with it again in the next week or so, so i’ll check and get back with the results.
Rather busy for the next few days so won’t get a chance before.

ok, that’s great, really appreciate any insights you can give me, Id love to be able to use it, I love the sounds and it would be so much easier to be able to access it from within cubase itself

Finally got 'round to looking at this yesterday, TBH i find the plugin a bit of a faff so i tend to just use the basic midi/audio channels method.
You CAN change programs from cubase this way from the midi track, i can’t get the bank change to work though but, if you change banks manually you can then use cubase to scroll up and down through the presets on the current bank.
Not EXACTLY what you’re looking for but, it is possible to change programs with cubase.

Hope that’s of some use.