Using the same set of multiple page templates for multiple layouts

I have a large project with about 25 layouts/parts, and I want them all to have a cover page, a table of contents, notes, etc. before the music itself starts. I’ve made the appropriate page templates and got them working on the first layout, and it looks great. Is there a way to propagate that series of page templates to all the other layouts? Or do I need to go through each layout and assign the page templates to each individually?

Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to batch-apply a “set” of page template changes to multiple layouts at once. You’ll need to assign your page templates to pages in each part layout separately.

An alternative option is to set up one part layout with the page template changes you want, then duplicate that layout and swap out the player(s) assigned to each duplicate. I’m not sure whether that works out any quicker, though.

(And just to make sure – you’re aware that you don’t need to insert an empty page to get title page templates etc onto pages? You can just assign page templates directly to p1, p2 etc and if they don’t have a music frame that’s part of the MA frame chain – or whatever the primary chain is called, as set on the Default page template – then your music will automatically get pushed to the next page after the page template changes you added.)

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Thanks, Lillie. Yes, I got comfortable with templates and stopped using the insert-bank-page method as I worked on this project. :slight_smile: Thanks.

So here are a few feature requests coming out of this:

  1. It would be nice to be able to batch-apply a set of page templates to multiple layouts at once. (Thank you for the more elegant language to describe it.)

  2. If a user does use the insert-page method to create a new template, it would be nice if the new page, using the new template, wasn’t automatically considered a page override. This doesn’t bother me personally anymore, because I’ve learned to create the template first, then apply it without inserting a page, but I doubt I’m the only one learning the software to think that what I want to do is insert a page, and it seems to me that page insertion is an equally valid way to think about it. And then it’s frustrating to make modifications to the template and not see them applied to the page for which the template was created. I found this thread, which helped me figure out what to do, but it still seems likely to frustrate a lot of new users.

  3. It would be nice if the First page template automatically applied to the first page with a non-custom page template, even if there are other pages before it.

  4. It would be nice if the First page template reset page numbering by default, so that the page using the First template was page 1 by default, even if there are other pages before it. Maybe that could be a Layout Option easily selected for all layouts at once?

  5. It would be nice to have a different Section Heading “template” for flows beginning at the top of the page versus flows beginning partway down the page. I know there’s already an option to use the First template for any flow beginning at the top of the page, but in my project, for example, I have a bunch of clutter in the First template that I do not want to see ever again in the document, but I also would like pages with flows beginning at the top of the page not to include a header. Maybe what I really want is just to get rid of those headers, and I shouldn’t poke above my pay grade to describe the solution I imagine. :slight_smile: But there it is.

Thanks for listening!

I found it useful to create a custom First Page w/o Page Numbers to apply to the very first page so my customized (official) First Page could contain page numbers to appear with the start of each new flow.

Ah, I see. So for my purposes, the official First page template can have no header, and I can use it for each page with a flow header at the top. But the real first page of the music will just be a customized page template with all the other stuff that never needs to appear again. Great idea, thanks!

Not knowing exactly what you want, I’d say to configure your official First Page Template as you wish it to appear by default most of the time and create a Custom Page Template for the very start of your piece where it will only be used once. I think that’s what you describe.

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