Using the space bar when writing comments do not work


When I try to move forward to the next word using the space bar, the caret do not move, it triggers the cancel button instead.
Thank you for your help

Are you talking about inputting lyrics via the Shift+L popover, or entering a comment via the Create Comment dialog? I’m not sure what problem you’re experiencing.

Hi Daniel,

the problem in when I want to create a comment via the CREATE COMMENT DIALOG,
for instance, if I want to comment a passage for my students.
As in the pict. below, I can’t split tow and words with the space bar,
very strange
(Lyrics work just fine)!

That is certainly not the behavior I am experiencing. That is weird! There must be something in your settings or with your keyboard that’s causing it :person_shrugging:

What are your keyboard language/input method settings on your computer, Benoit?

Hi Daniel,
I have a laptop with french keyboard (qwerty),
regardless of having french or english as the langage chosen (in Dorico) or the keyboard langage for the key commands, and toggling with the keyboard inputs in mac preferences, I always get the problem.
I might try to reset all key commands to factory setting

That’s a strange one… French keyboards are AZERTY, aren’t they?


les claviers français canadiens (CSA) sont qwerty, étonnament

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I really don’t know how to explain this. We’ve not had any other reports of the problem.

Hi Daniel,
I will try to reinstall Dorico all together,
this bug is quite anoying.
Can I re install from the same dmg file received when I downloded the program?


I don’t think reinstalling Dorico will help, I’m afraid. Although I can’t think of how this could affect things, you could try moving your custom key commands file out of the way, then restart Dorico and see if it makes any difference. The file will be called something like keycommands_en,json and it will be located in /Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4. Try moving it to your desktop, then restart Dorico.

Ok Daniel, I will try that. But is it possible that there is a conflict with my laptop french canadien keyboard and my blue tooth remote apple magic keyboard (english keyboard).
As well, I installed a Universal audio (thunderbollt) apollo Twin interface, is there a known issue of compatibility between these?
Thanks again


I don’t think a hardware or Bluetooth conflict could explain this problem, no.

Ok Daniel,

I noticed something else,
when I press the space bar, it does not play as it use to when I first installed Dorico,
is it possible that I over ride a function with the space bar ?..meaning a basic behavior of the spacebar?
Sorry to bother you with this,

If you had, moving your keycommands file away from the Dorico 4 folder (in your user library) as Daniel advised you should solve the problem. The keycommands would then return to the default ones.

Yes, it would be interesting to know whether Space starts and stops playback as expected once you have moved your custom key commands out of the way. Is it possible that you have also assigned some kind of system-wide shortcut to Space in System Preferences on your Mac?

Hi Daniel,

I am meeting a genius at the Apple store tomorrow, there must be a conflict in my Mac syst. preferences since moving my Dorico shortcut preferences in the trash does not solve the problem.
I’ll keep you posted.
Thank you for your support