Using the time warp tool / Warp Grid (Musical Notes Follow) with Tempo Detection

I have a song that is clearly not recorded to a click. My goal is to line up midi to the original track and recreate it. I used Izotope RX 8 to divide the track into individual instruments and used the percussion track as my source for tempo detection. When I started adding midi notes to the grid, the notes locked to the grid. But sometimes tempo detection is slightly off and adjustments to the tempo (and the grid) are necessary to line up with the audio. But when you make those edits using the time warp tool / Warp Grid (Musical Notes Follow), the midi notes are no longer locked to the grid. Is there something I’m missing here?

Is your MIDI track time base set to Musical?

Track Time Base

That’s it… Thank you so much. Spent 30 minutes with customer service and they didn’t know how to fix :grinning: