Using the transfer to layer tool

I’m trying to find out how deep I can separate a layer, and transfer the selections to a new layer I created. The new destination layer I created is called “synths”, and the source layer is the “other” layer, where it contain both some strings and synth sounds. And I want to copy stacked synths to the new layer.

But I can’t select the “synths” layer I created. I can only select the build in layers i SL?

Another thing I stumbled across is, that when I draw on the screen, to copy data to a new layer, the whole waveform screen blinks when I move the mouse. I think it has been mentioned before, but I’ll post it here - just in case.


I just tried to set solo off/on - on the two layers mentioned above (other layer + the new “synths” layer I created myself). And now the “synths” layer showed up in the Target: combobox. So I guess its some kind of refresh problem, that aren’t working correctly.

Is there anyway to lock vertical mouse movement, when drawing horizontal display?


Keep in mind that only the non-selected layers are shown in the Target (you can’t set as Target your source selected, which is the currently selected one in the Layers panel).
No way to lock vertical mouse movement right now, but you click a point, and then Shift+click a second point to draw a straight line between the two.