Using the UR44 with 2 software applications simultaneously?


I want to do this:

  • have Ableton Live play back audio tracks and synth tracks (for some background parts)
  • have another software program run on the same computer using the same soundcard, where this program needs both audio input and audio output

I currently have an m-Audio ProFire 610, but I can’t do this with that card.
The new UR44 seems like it would fit my needs regarding connections etc…, but I can’t seem to find any info on whether it’s ASIO drivers are multiclient or not (low latency is important, as it’s for live usage).

–> so: does this card have multiclient ASIO drivers?

–> and while we’re at it: will I be able to use the MIDI inputs and outputs of the card simultaneously in both software packages?

This is for a Windows7 64-bit system.

–> am I right that on Mac, this is not a problem and is already possible using the CoreAudio and CoreMIDI drivers?


I can tell you that I was using Cubasis on iPad and when I switched to Novation Launchkey I was surprised that the audio from Cubasis was still playing. There is a Background Audio option in Cubasis so I guess this being set to “on” is what allowed this to happen.
When I next get up my gear set up I will try and check this for you. It won’t be with Ableton Live though as I am a Cubase user but the idea should be the same.


Stevo… :smiley:

Thanks Stevo for the reply (only saw this now, as I didn’t seem to have received a notification about your reply).
I was actually more interested to know if this works on Windows7 with 2 desktop applications (using ASIO drivers in both, and no ReWire). Have you had a chance to try that by any chance?


while on Windows and Mac, sharing the audio drivers across multiple aplications and programs is not an issue, however you will not be able to use the ASIO driver on two programs at the same time, since it is not multiclient. Please note that some programs do not use the ASIO technology but the CoreAudio, in which case your idea could work if you were using the ASIO only once at a time.

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I can confirm this sort of works, but probably not how you want.

I just tested it with Live running all 6 channels into it using the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO USB driver + also feeding audio into my harp training app at the same time.

Works fine. But does not seem to work using Reaper with the same driver at the same time.
My apps audio list just shows Line (Steinberg UR44) and defaults to the first channel.
My app is using Unity3D which is using FMOD as the audio engine for line/mic in.

Not sure why, but it works fine!

Seems pretty solid, no conflicts. Maybe Live and Reaper lock the Asio driver for exclusive use?
Have to look more into it, maybe try Asio4all, but I don’t think that’s multiclient either.