Using three monitor displays with Cubase

Hi there,

Wondering if anybody here is using 3 monitors and if so what their motherboard/GPU/OS combination is.

I’m currently using Cubase Studio 5 on Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) on a Asus P5W Deluxe motherboard with NVIDA graphics using two displays - arrangement window on the left and mixer window on the right. I’d like to expand this so I’ve always got a spectrum analyser on the master bus on a separate screen.

I’ve also noticed that with some plug-ins (e.g. - LFO Tool and SPAN) if their GUI is displayed my audio driver starts clipping out but when I look at the performance monitor still looks good… so I guess I’m in the market for a newer graphics card anyway.

Any advice/recommendations welcome.



5 monitors here 4 on two graphic cards & one on the motherboard graphic (see signature)

Using three here, all is fine :slight_smile:

thanks for the responses - which ATI Radeon model do you have a couple of and is it using their Eyefinity technology to get you all the way up to five displays? I’ve spotted this one here as an example:

what’s your graphics card set up Split?

it will be better with fanless ! use it like a single card no need “special” thing just instal your two graphic cards & instal latest driver et voila 4 screen !

I cant remember :blush: but it (i think) can support 4 monitors through some link thing?

Found it, it was one of these> Graphics cards, GPU and Video Cards for Gaming | AVADirect

But I run my two primary 24" displays form it and the 19" from the on board video. All DVI

I can say that I have a fanny card but when running Cubase the fan is silent as the video is hardly stressed.

I could have 6 monitors if I felt the need with the setup!!!

Thanks fellas - you’ve been very helpful.


I am using this

So I added a Card today that a friend gave me - completely different make and specs - and they both seem to work in tandem no problem with three monitors… windows even suggested I should add another couple!