Using Townsend Labs Sphere L22 with Direct Monitoring and Control Room cue mixes

Because the Sphere L22 records a stereo signal - with the front capsule being on the left channel and the rear capsule being recorded on the right channel - this means the left channel is louder than the right in direct monitoring cue mixes. This is to be expected.

In the Sphere L22 manual it says the way to fix this is “in your audio interface control panel, set up an alternate mix to route the front mic channel to your headphones or other monitor destination”.

So I’m wondering how would I do this in Cubase, using Direct Monitoring and Control Room cue mixes? I want to just send the front capsule (i.e. left channel of the stereo vocal track) to the vocalist’s cue mix. But I can’t seem to figure this out. I’ve tried sending the stereo track to a mono bus and then turning up that mono bus’s cue send - but no luck. I’ve also tried experimenting with direct routing, but no joy there either.

Is anyone else successfully using the Sphere L22 with Control Room and Direct Monitoring in Cubase? My interface is the AXR4U, if that’s any help.

It should be possible to add a mono input with just the left channel and use this for monitoring only

Ach - what a simple solution! Kinda kicking myself I didn’t think of it myself! :laughing: There I was thinking the answer would be something to do with sends or direct outs! Thanks, stranger! :slight_smile: