Using Transformer to expand Velocity Range of keyboard

Hi! I’ve done most of the legwork here, but if anyone can help that would be amazing.

Problem: my keyboard only spits out velocity values between 20-110. I’d like to expand this to 0-127 using Transformer.

I came up with the function: (Vo is Velocity Original, Ve is Velocity Expanded)

Ve = (127*Vo - 2540) / 90

…which works, plug in Vo=20 and you get Ve = 0, and Vo=110 gives Ve=127…and all the values in between are nicely scaled.

How can I apply the above math in Transformer?


Does the following do it for you?..

(1.411111111111 being 127/90 :wink: )

The 2nd line in the upper section may not even be necessary :wink:

Hey, thanks for that response:) The problem is that Cubase seems to cap all the math to be between 0 and 127, so if you take anything over 90 and times it by 1.4, it’ll cap it at 127 internally…so anything from 90 and up will always end up being 127-something, and not the true value :frowning:

I think I figured it out! Just divided all the terms by 10, so that the numbers never go outside 0-127, then multiply the result by 10 in the end.


Yes, but the values to be multiplied would never exceed 90 anyways, surely?.. The range that your keyboard transmits is between 20 and 110, and the first thing that happens is that it subtracts 20 from those incoming values (therefore, 0 to 90), then multiplies the result of that by 1.4111.

You’re totally right, thanks I was overcomplicating!