Using two audio devices at the same time?

I have Cubase 10.5 Ai with a Steinberg UR22 II audio interface and a Yamaha MX49 synth with its own USB audio interface. I want to use the USB audio outputs of both together. Is that possible? In Studio Setup>Control Panel, the Driver dialog gives a drop-down box which offers a choice between Devices of Steinberg UR22 or Yamaha MX. Is there a way to use both simultaneously?

On Windows, yes with some limitations. using the asio4all driver.

On Mac, using Audio MIDI setup and creating an aggregate device.

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If you manage to do this, you still need to make sure they are slaved to the same clock somehow – for example, by feeding S/PDIF or TOSlink out of one into the other, and setting the receiver to sync by received digital stream.
Else you will have occasional annoying glitches that will be hard to track down!


It appears this isn’t a practical option. That’s okay, it’s not vital.