Using two audio devices. One for input, one for output

I am using the Steinberg UR22 as my input device using their ASIO driver. When using Cubase LE AI Elements 7 I want to set the output audio device driver to that of my PCI sound card. When I go into the connections setup in Cubase the driver for my sound card is not listed. I am forced to choose the Yamaha ASIO driver for the UR22 as an input, and output device.

Again, I want to record audio coming into the PC via the UR22, but monitor by using the speakers hooked to my PC’s PCI sound card.

The free Audacity software lets me do this, but not Cubase. Is it even possible to do this in Cubase? Thank you

I did some more research and it seems that only one asio driver can be used through Cubase at once. The sound card and the UR22 each use a different asio driver. Maybe I can use asio4all to control both devices, but not sure.

have you a mac?

No. I have a PC running windows 8.1. I decided to run the output from the steinberg to my amp, or use headphones to monitor instead of messing with third party drivers as some sort of hack.

So you need this kind of driver:
Then, when all the soundboards are installed:
1- Install ASIO4all
2. Set ASIO4all as your default driver in Cubase
3. Open the ASIO4all control panel and click on the wrench
4. Enable the soundcard you would use

Thank you. I will give that a try.

Does the asio4all helped? I would like to connect it in the same way as “mpd” but I have Line 6 UX 2 and when using asio4all it douesn’t recognize all inputs, so I would like to buy UR44. Thanks

Hi, i have a mac, and I have the same problem, watch should I do? I want to record with my line6 pod (input9 and as an out put my speakers.

Create an aggregate device