Using Two Cubases simultaneously to host video

Hi, I am succesfully running Cubase 11 and 10.5 at the same time, which allows me to host a film scoring master session with video in 10.5 synchronized to 11. I love that workflow but I have a couple of questions:

  1. I have read that some people use system link instead of MTC to sync them, how this can be done in the same computer?

  2. I want to control Cubase 10.5 Dialog and Fxs tracks with my midi controllers but Cubase 10 doesn´t receive any midi data, is like Cubase 11 is using them exclusively, any way to fix this?
    One workaround could be to send those tracks from Cubase 10.5 to RME total mix, or to route them back to Cubase 11?

I think a very nice feature request could be a “Master project” that you could leave open while switching sessions, accurately sync´d internally, hosting video and stems and older exports. You could have an option in the export window that exports and automatically insert the track in its timecode location, lots of possibilities there!

I managed to control Cubase 10.5 with midi, using midiox to rout my Midi controllers to both Cubases.

Only system link as sync method in windows left to close this! any ideas?