Using two eLicenser

Hi everyone and thanks for the attention.
I own Cubase Pro 9.5 and I work in two different studios so I have to move almost every two days between these studios with my Mac.
Whats the problem? The problem is that these studios are more than 500km away each other and when I realize I forgot the eLicenser is too late.
Is there a way to buy another eLicenser (25 dollar price) to move my license there so I have my license in my 2 usb devices.
Or, is there a way to initialize my license in a eLicenser everytime I need?

So I can leave one license in a studio and the other one in the other.

Your Cubase Pro (and Artist) license is stored on one USB dongle and you cannot have a copy of that license on another dongle. Meaning Cubase will only work on the computer that dongle is connected to.

Possible solutions…

  1. Purchase another full Cubase Pro (or Artist) version with it’s own dongle.
  2. Purchase a version of Cubase that stores it’s license on the computer (soft eLicenser). Cubase Elements will do this. It costs less money and you can have that one installed on the second computer and copy each project between computers. Of course CB Elements is not as feature rich. So you will have to coordinate your heavy work to be completed on the computer with your Cubase Pro.
  3. If you happen to have a requirement to purchase new hardware… maybe you can find hardware that includes a free Cubase LE version. Then you can do the same as the 2nd suggestion as the LE version stores its license on the computer too.

Regards. :sunglasses:

What if I lose the usb key? ?

If you lose your USB key OR it gets damaged you have to BUY another full version of Cubase, it’s a complete con.


Completely untrue…

Grim already linked to the solution for losing or damaging your dongle… to use this service you must have registered the dongle with the license(s) on it in your MySteinberg account.

Depending on how important all this is and how much money and time it might cost to travel that far and being not able to work I would just purchase a second Cubase License.

I am using Cubase on the Laptop a lot, during band rehearsals, live (I am a drummer) - but I am using Cubase full time in the studio as well.

I would never ever take the Studio dongle with me all the time… traveling to the rehearsal room - meeting with the band… “oh sorry guys I have forgotten the dongle”… or even worse: Having deadlines in the studio and breaking/loosing/forgetting the dongle somewhere…

A second License is about 450 EUR here - this is roughly about one single daily rate in a good studio - makes no sense to go intro trouble here for me…

…and somewhere on here someone has said they managed to mount the dongle inside their PC not sure if this was a Laptop though.

What kind of use would give that in this scenario? :slight_smile:

To stop it getting broken off (apparently some folk have managed to break theirs).

Ah ok… mh yes… well in a modern Macbook Pro is almost no space left… maybe in these older Laptops with some kind of slots you might be able to create some kind of a “Dongle Womb” :slight_smile:

The new iLok3 is quite solid, maybe Steinberg should come up with something like that… But that is the old “Dongle” Debatte… which is as old as Cubase :slight_smile:

An iLok Version of Cubase would be fine as well that way you can just use ONE iLok 3 and there is everything on it icl Cubase. But this will never ever happen. I will soon check the Cubase Elements Demo - if its possible to open my not-that-big “Live Playback Projects” with it I will get myself a license… When having a Gig I do not need to advanced-manipulate a project - so it might work to just open the projects dongle-free…

But this will not help the topic starter - here, as I mentioned - the only solution (for me) is getting a second Cubase License…

Heh, heh…dongle womb. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have a separate Elements license for travel as well as my dongled Pro one, works fine for me as a mobile platform.

I will check this out - seems like a good way to do… Elements “just for the case I forgot the dongle”… or in my case to avoid loosing the dongle somewhere behind the drumriser when changing bands / drums etc on a dark stage…

Ok, sorry for being slightly OT regarding the topic… Elements Demo seems to open small & simple projects on the Macbook… I am getting usually a couple of “sorry we don’t have this Algo, that plugin, etc” but basically it seems to work good. You just have to make sure not to save over the original cpr… Maybe doing this will delete stuff from the project. So I will get myself an Elements License just to be able to go dongle free in a rehearsal / live concert situation. Here I usually do not edit projects, just open, use, close without saving…