Using two UR12 audio interfaces together.

Hello all. Forgive me if this is an often asked question but I can’t find as yet a definitive answer or methodology.

I am working on a Mac. I used Adobe Audition for most of my sound design work. I use a Steinberg UR12 as my audio interface.

I want to add a second UR12 as I need to output two separate stereo sources at the same time from my DAW. Tracks one and two; and three and four respectively.

I need to feed two sets of speakers in an art/audio installation project.

Before I buy the second UR12 I want to make sure that it is possible to run two identical audio interfaces on a Mac and how I would go about setting it up.

Many thanks.

Adrian S


I’m not sure how to connect them in serial or parallel? And if it’s even possible to use them both at the same time in a computer and/or a computer program, like the one you’ve mentioned…

But, maybe you’re just better off buying its’ bigger brother, like perhaps the UR44? Then sell that UR21?

//Regards from Robin Gardner