Using two UR824 for 16 channel summing?

I have been thinking of getting a second UR824 for 16 channels of summing instead of the 8 that I have now going through my summing mixer. Does anyone have any experience with using two UR824 for this purpose? Would it work? Help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I use an 824 with a Focusrite Octopre connected via Adat which works flawlessly and from what I’ve heard the same is true of using a second UR824 which you would also connect via Adat, I believe you get to use all 16 channels of direct monitoring input effects as well.

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It does work. You need to setup the routing on the second unit so the ADAT inputs get routed directly to the analog outputs. Also make sure they are clocked together … it’s best to use the BNC ports.

Thanks for the reply Dave! Sorry for my late reply… So you are able to have 16 channels of audio output from your 824 and your octopre? How do you route it in the dspmix824 software?



Thanks for the reply Michael and sorry for my late reply… I will try to borrow a unit first and try this as soon as possible! Is the clocking controlled via the software? Is there another way to clock them together without a bnc cable?



You don’t absolutely “need” to use a BNC cable but it is the best way to go. You can also clock via ADAT. You need to set the clock source on the slave unit via software.