Using UA plugins with Wavelab

I have generally done my mastering in protools and then assembled the DDP in Wavelab. I want to start doing some of my processing in Wavelab. I’m using the UA precision mastering plug ins, which of course do the processing in their own box. Also, at one point a UA tech told me that UA plugs are not certified for wavalab. Does anybody know of any issues I should be worried about, like possibly having a delay in the final file that cuts off the end or any weird stuff when using UA plugs in wavelab.

Thanks in advance,
Chas Ferry

Never any issues using the Precision plugins for years, including live albums with audio from very start to very end of cd track files. Transitions between files have always been seamless. Did you hear a specific complaint about cut offs somewhere, because I’ve never experienced that.

No, I did not hear any specific complaints about delay issues. However, I have problems with occasional monitoring dropouts sometimes when I try to monitor wavelab via my apollo interface. When I called UA about it they said UA was not tested or certified by them for use with Wavelab. Also, when I insert the UA Multiband Compressor in Protools it is unable to provide delay compensation and I end up with about a 250 MS delay. In that case I will cut the end of a file off, so I’m always on alert about that.

I’m happy to hear that you have been using them for years in Wavelab. It will save me a lot of time on some projects if I can eq and Limit the files in wavelab without going through the protools step first.

The Precision multiband compressor I don’t have, so maybe someone else could comment on that, or test it.