Using un-signed drivers

Hi, I was looking at buying a Soundcraft signature 22 MTK mixing desk but apparently Windows deletes the Soundcraft drivers when the computer is shut down and they have to be re installed everytime the computer is switched on…is there no way to use un-signed drivers without this hassle?

maybe Support | Soundcraft - Professional Audio Mixers?

Yeah, did that a month ago…still waiting, I think they know the problem and can’t do anything about it,
how does a company get the drivers signed? do they have to pay Microsoft or something?
that would explain the problem I s’pose, maybe Soundcraft don’t want to pay anything to Microsoft…
just a guess though.

Pretty weird advice, I suppose. but did you see their page on the topic? Soundcraft Multichannel USB | Soundcraft - Professional Audio Mixers

You mean you tried the posted workaround and it failed?

As I said earlier I’m looking (or rather was looking) at buying the Soundcraft mixer but when I realised the issue with the drivers I held off and just thought I’d pop in here to see if any one new anything about it other than the work around which I’m not interested in doing…
s’pose I wont be buying the Soundcraft desk…pity!
thanks for the reply’s…

Thanks for the clarification.