Using UR22 and Yamaha THR together?


We are a retail music store just getting into computer DAW and related hardware - although I have some personal experience with both computers and DAWs already. We have carried Yamaha THR10 and THR5A interfaces for a few months. Yamaha now own Steinberg, so these use the Steinberg VSIO drivers and like the UR22 ship with Cubase AI6.

We just received sample units of the Steinberg UR22. Nice units - but we were surprised to see we could not use the UR22 and the THR at the same time. The driver seems to want to support only one device at a time. This prohibits, for example, tracking a vocal+guitar performance in a single take with the vocal connected through the UR22 and the guitar through the THR.

Is there a way around, this, for example if our computer has two completely separate USB controllers? Or are we limited to only one VSIO device in use at a time? I know in professional DAW setups one can have multiple A-to-D interfaces operating at once, tracking many sources in one take.

Generally (with the exception of ASIO4ALL which is an independent universal driver) an ASIO Driver is specific to the Hardware in question, hence the UR22 will have a separate driver than the THR. Cubase and it’s family will only recognize a single ASIO driver interface.
Professional DAW setups do indeed have multiple A-to-D interfaces operating at once, tracking many sources in one take. This is however accomplished with a single (or multiple stacked) interface E.g. the UR824 which has 8 I/O (= A/D) can be stacked to deliver 24 I/O(A/D). The UR22 was obviously never intended as a studio interface.

Recording guitar via THR over the UR22 while simultaneously recording E.g. a vocal track would require that you use the UR ASIO Driver in Cubase_x, and record the THR via the stereo audio output (I would think the THR Editor software will still be able to communicate with the THR over USB using the THR Driver).

I use Line 6 POD XTL and record over the audio outs as do most other AmpSim users I know.

Unless A mod can provide more info here, try the above solution and see if it works for you, it’s a fairly typical compromise.

Thank you for a clear explanation!

I mentioned previously that I use Line 6 POD. Line 6 provide a plugin (PODFarm) which allows me full control of the amp and effect simulations from within Cubase. I don’t know whether Yamaha has a plugin for the THR but you might check. Also, Cubase AI includes an amp simulator and a number of effect plugins which you might also check out.

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