Using UR22 as input but PC sound card as output?

I’ve installed Cubase Elements 7 and have a Steinberg UR22 hooked up via a USB3.0 port to my PC.

At the moment I can’t run output from the UR22 and was hoping, until my new jack-to-XLR speakers arrive (!), that I could use the soundcard output on my PC combined with my PC speakers. Audio is working out of the PC so I know that’s all working correctly.

How do I set Cubase to output to the soundcard?

When I open Devices > VST Connections and choose “Output” the only options I have are “Yahama Steinberg USB ASIO” or “Not Connected”. I was hoping I’d see “Soundcard” or similar.

Appreciate your patience, understanding and guidance. Thank you.

Cubase only allows you to select one ASIO driver. You could download ASIO4ALL (google it) and try to configure that. I don’t know if it will work or not. Don’t you have some headphones you can plug into the UR22 until you get the speakers?