Using UR22C as home karaoke (does it suppress feedback?)

Does UR22C suppress microphone feedback if connected to speakers via amplifier?
It works in headphones of course but because sound in headphones too low to run feedback loop.

But if I would connect big speakers to output via amplifier and play music and sing into microphone would it suppress feedback? Or I could only use it with headphones?

I understand it should suppress feedback as it’s basic functionality, but would like get confirmation from people who did similar setup.

Thanks in advance.

No, it does not.

Thanks for reply.
It’s sad :frowning:
As for me it’s kind of basic functionality. What’s intended usage of output sockets on back of card? What should be plugged there and how to use it?

The outputs are for speakers, of course.

Feedback suppression is not a basic function of audio interfaces.

It would never be used on the inputs of a DAW’s audio interface, it would alter the sound being recorded significantly.

Headphones are the way to go, or karaoke software (about which I do not know anything)

Hi, Steve

Ok, but if I plug speakers and would sing in microphone and would hear myself in speakers would there be feedback?

Sorry if those’re kind stupid or obvious questions.

Thanks in advance

Yes, if the mic is at such an angle and proximity that the sound of the speakers feeds back into the mic, which creates a looped audio signal.

I suppose specialized Karaoke software/hardware does suppress it, but an audio interface had better not, because no one would want to use such a device with a daw.

Thanks for answer, Steve

I probably not asked my question correct enough. Of course, if I point mic to speakers there would be feedback. But in regular usage, for example sing and monitor self via speakers would there be feedback?

For example, if I would use mixer like MG Analog Mixing Consoles - Yamaha USA there would be no feedback until I point microphone to speakers (event there is loud enough sound and I hear myself).

What I’m thinking is replacement of big mixing console with sound card like UR22C since it smaller and less cords


I don’t know the mixer you’re talking about, does it advertise feedback suppression as one of its features?

The UR series does not.

In regular usage you have to make sure the audio from the speakers is not so loud, or so close to the mic that it creates feedback. This is one of the very basic skills involved in doing live sound.