Using UR22C on multiple comuputers


I have bought UR22C + Nectar LX 25+ for my girfriend, she use it with Reaper, everything works well. She is new to recording, so sometimes I have to figure out how configure or use some plugin or feature.

I would like to be able to test it on my computer, Is somehow possible to use UR22C on two computers? She use Elicenser. I heard about hardware key, but I am afraid of loosing it.

Is possible to transfer licence at least for hardware to another computer ?

Audio interfaces do not have any licensing. Just plug it in and install the drivers from the Steinberg website

Thank you for the answer. I was really sure that I had to add license even for the hardware. But as I suppose I cannot use
dspMixFx and its effects on multiple computers.

I will try it. Once again.

The device has the FX built in, and also comes with VST versions. It’s the latter the license is for.