Using UR28M on USB3

Is it OK?
Or prefer USB2?
Can cause USB3 any communication problem?
I have some latency or resource problem.

It works fine on USB3. Don’t use a hub.

Working a lot on my DAW problem finally I cocncluded, that the URM28M should has a hardware failure.

  1. I tested with DPC latency checker. Average is very good, about 40-50 ms, but in every 6th second exactly jumps up to 1737 ms, while all unnecessary hardwares were disabled. I.e. network and onboard soundcard.
  2. At generic low latency ASIO card settings and also in DirectX card settings the input is not checked automatically, always must be checked manually.
  3. In C7 in any projects (even in an empty new, or a fully loaded with audiotracks and instruments) there is an undesirable sign in every sec. about 0 dB on the left input channel (nothing is plugged in inputs on card) and at same time a cracle can be heard.

I think these things aren’t about bad configuration or a weak DAW.

Make sure you are using the latest driver and firmware release!!!
(see the KB article referenced in the USB Port section.)

I use the latest driver and firmware. My DAW is AMD A3+ based with 8 core CPU, 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1333 MHz, 2x ATI PCIe 2 gb videocards for 3 screens, SSD and SATA3 hdds. And I have to use UR28M with !!!2048!!! samples and 50 milisec latency. Otherwise what I get is only a digital noise.