Using UR28m with Logic, unable to send from outputs?

I hope it’s just me but when I want to send from say output 3 or 4 etc to outboard gear, I set the output channel in logic to 3 or 4 etc but it won’t send? Can’t figure this out, does this not work with Logic, is this only a feature with cubase?
Want to run a pre recorded vocal track thru the Avalon then back into logic.

I hope I didn’t but the wrong soundcard!


This can be a point of confusion with the UR28m. Because of it’s specific architecture you do not address the outputs directly, you send to the mix channels (mix busses if you prefer). You have to decide how these should be directed to the outputs (Independent/Alternate). It may seem a bit confusing at first, particularly if you’re used to normal 1/1 interfaces where you send direct to a given output, but once you understand this difference and start to work with it, you’ll begin to appreciate the power it affords to a small home or project studio.

In your specific case, assuming your numbering corresponds, you are then sending to Mix2L/R. Select Mix 2 with the button, then this can be directed to either A,B or C outputs (assuming Alternate mode) Output B is probably what you’re expecting if you’re physically connected to these outputs.

very confused, i simply want to send a mono vocal out of channel 3, into the Avalon then back from the Avalon into input 1 and record back into logic. ( I use out 1/2 for master)

How do I set this bloody thing up!

When using with any DAW other than Cubase, you need to use the supplied dspMixFx mixer utility. Is this open? What are your settings - particularly with regard to Alternate or Independent Mode. Is channel linking turned off for the inputs?

I must confess, I use the UR28M primarily with Cubase, but have used it in Standalone mode, but never in conjunction with Logic or any other DAW. Another in the Studio uses it exclusively with ProTools.
The more info you provide the fewer questions need to be asked in order to resolve your problem.

From what you describe you are apparently trying to use an external effect on an existing recorded track - pretty standard technique - should present no problems. I’ve taken all six outputs and routed them to an analog mixer (for OTB mixing and processing) then routed into four subgroups of the mixer connected to the URs Inputs. So I know this works, however I think you’re going to have to be in Independent mode.

Using Mix 1/2 for Monitoring is fine and should present no problems (though I wouldn’t personally recommend it - for other reasons).