Using UR44 as 6x5 (6x6)


I like to mix audios out of daw in a separate mixer

After a few tries, I was able to convert my ur44 in to 6x5, 6 inputs and 5(6) outputs, (I will explain why 5(6) outputs)

I do not find turorial about this.


Using the phone 2 output as the fifth output:
1-Select Mix 2 tab
2-click in the number 2 phone output
(So your mix 1 will exit in the mais output and the phone output 1, and your mix 2 will exit the phone 2 output)

If you want to use it on your daw:
3-On your daw, choose output: UR44 FX Bus (It will do the signal enters the Rev-x)
4-Mute return of the Rev-x in mix 1 (To make sure it does not go through the other unwanted outputs, just Phone 2)

I do not know how to put rev-x in bypass, so i configure it to minimum reverb, i got with the Hall
I will use this in some emergency cases, such as backing vocals or drums

Why 5, not 6 outputs?
Because the rev-x mixes the signal to come out on stereo

I hope I have helped someone
If anyone knows how to use the phone 2 output for daw without reverb, please tell me