Using UR44 with my iPad for live streaming video (Periscope)


Is it possible to use the UR44 as a general purpose audio interface for live streaming video? I don’t want to use Cubasis. I just want to plug a few microphones into the iPad for live streams. That’s all.

Seems like one MUST purchase Cubasis to do anything with the UR44/iPad - but I don’t want to buy Cubasis unless I can live stream using other applications - such as Periscope, YouTube, or whatever.

Oh, yeah, I have an old iPad from 2014 - it’s an iPad Air 2. I’m guessing the iPad Air 2 will work fine with the UR44.

EDIT: I have tried just plugging the UR44 into the iPad using Apples dongle (I forget what Apple calls it). That didn’t work. The little white light continued to flash instead of lighting continuously. I did flip the CC switch to the on position and power cycled the UR44. So, I suppose that means I need some type of “driver” for the iOS to understand that the UR44 is an audio interface.

  • Silver_Mica