Using USB DAW With Cubase (No input signal)

Hello All,

I have a line 6 toneport UX2 with Cubase Elements 6 Windows 7 32bit OS.

Although my PC recognizes the DAW and I have it set as my default recording device, I cannot seem to record from the DAW to cubase over USB. Where can you set the input device Cubase needs to use?

Any suggestions?

Much appriciated,

Update: I found Device Setup and went to the Low Latency ASIO Driver under VST Audio System. I clicked on the control panel button and selected the Line 6 as an input port, but when I do it says “inactive” under “State”.

Hope this helps,

Have you downloaded and installed the latest drivers for your device?

This is the ASIO driver you should select in device setup.

You will then need to configure your in/outs in VST Connections and on your audio tracks.

If you haven’t read the Cubase manuals, I would suggest doing so. Things can be a little complicated at first.

Thanks Scab ! That was helpful. :mrgreen: