Using Variaudio for Projects Tracked at 432 Hz

So I just tracked an album where all the instruments were tuned to A=432 hz instead of A=440 hz

Is there a way to have Variaudio pitch correct to 432 hz (or any other tuning) instead of the standard 440?

I’d be keen to know how to get the MIDI in the project to also recognize 432 hz tuning as I’m having a hard time tuning keyboard parts recorded with MIDI.

Is it some kind of project wide setting in Cubase that I need to change? Do I need to start a new project and re-import my stems or something or is it something I can change in an existing project?

Thanks for your time!

Usually you’d set a key for the Project on the Toolbar and then change all the tracks to “musical” mode and in the Pool all audio ticked as musical mode.
Then change the key of the Project and all should move.
Maybe not quite that simple but it’ll put you in the picture a bit more.

Sorry, not actually an answer from me (I don’t know whether this has become possible - it wasn’t originally). But, bearing the folowing in mind …

…, it might be worthwhile if people read this thread in the old forum: in the hope of avoiding going through the same turgid arguments again (with, this time, a current forum member playing the role of the “mummy-knows-best” PITA Beryliam from the old forum).

I don’t know about variaudio, but in many vsti’s you can change the root note. I’m sure Halion lets you do it at least.

I don’t think there’s anything to change from 440Hz. One suggestion I have would be to slow all of the tracks down to 440, tune them and then speed them up again. Don’t use time stretch but rather varispeed like on a tape player. The tracks will lengthen of course. And make sure all of the tracks are done the same to keep them in phase.


Indeed, Melodyne has a Master Tune setting in it’s preferences. And you can get a 2 week demo licence for it if you haven’t tried it before I believe. I personally think it sounds better than variaudio but I find variaudio a little bit more flexible for very wayward corrections.


P.S. So does Antares AutoTune as well.