Using VIRUS TI2 - note expression?


I’ve read and watched tutorials about note expression inside of Cubase 7, and most of them say that hardware software synthesizers doesn’t support VST3 (note expression) inside of Cubase 7.

Is it possible to in some way work around this using the TI2? It would be awsome if I could alter the pitch on individual notes of the Virus TI in Cubase.

Or any other parameter!

Any help is highly appreciated!

EDIT: I’d also like to know HOW to see if a plugin is VST3 supported. How do I do that? Is there any list of VST3 instruments somewhere maybe? that would be great!


anyone? please

no , it is down to your OS on the virus , unless they update that then … no

to view your plugin description use the plugin information tab or for stock plugin’s just click on the insert select the category of plugin’s and you should see 3 little lines if it is vst 3