Using VSL Steinway- CC64 (Sustain) records CC info, but not displayed

I am using the VSL Steinway. CC64 (Sustain) records CC info (which shows button motion on Synchron Piano player and I can hear the effect). But it is not displayed on Dorico CC64 graphic lane I have open. Other cc functions record and display just fine on their associated lanes.
From VSL manual " Sustain Pedal: Triggered with MIDI CC 64, the sustain pedal moves the damper away from the strings so that the played notes will continue to sound. Half-pedaling is displayed in the surrounding circle. The effect starts at a CC 64 value of 26 and ends at 102. Right-click with your mouse to activate it permanently."

There was a thread on this a while back and I don’t think there’s been any change to the behaviour – I find with all libraries that use the pedal to generate CC64 that the results are not shown in the lane.

I dont use a pedal. I use a programmable midi fader device.

All other midi cc messages can be displayed in the midi cc tracks, but not CC 64? That sounds like a bug to me. It makes it hard to delete it .

I’m referring to the score. If you use a pedal marking in the score which is what I assume you mean, then Dorico automatically generates CC64 data but does not show it in the CC lane. To delete the data, you delete the pedal marking. Or perhaps you mean something else?

I dont use and wasnt referring to pedal markings. I was referring to sending midi 64 data from my midi controller to Dorico to control the VSL Synchron piano sustain function.

OK, I see your point then and how it could cause difficulties. Perhaps someone from the team would like to comment.

P.S incidentally, is there any reason why you’re not using a pedal marking in the score? After all, this is the standard way that Dorico transmits a CC64 instruction. It doesn’t have to be just a pedal function either – for instance one of my libraries uses CC64 for a gliss. and another for a round robin repeat. Needless to say in cases like these, you will want to hide the pedal in the score which is easily enough done.