Using VST Effects

Hello, I’m totally new at this. Pandemic being taken advantage of by downloading my very first DAW, Cubase LE with the intention of putting some youtube music videos together from audio taken from our board in our studio and video from a DSLR cam that I will put together in iMovie. I have a track that I recorded of a song with a Yamaha arranger and a vocal straight from our mixing board into Cubase (one track for now). I now want to make it a lot louder, EQ it, compress it, do stuff to it to see if I can improve it’s overall quality. I know that VST effects are utilized for this. Under my Audio track on the Cubase screen, I then right clicked to add an effects track. Up pops “Delay, Distortion, EQ”, etc. etc., and the FX channel seems to be loaded. However, when I go to play my audio track back and attempt to fool around with the effects parameters, it doesn’t appear that anything is changing. Do all tracks need to be highlighted or in a certain order to play and hear the changes when I move parameters, like on the EQ? Does something have to be loaded or activated somewhere? I have also downloaded a couple of free plug ins that successfully show up in the Effects list, but the same thing there…nothing appears to have any effect or to be turned “on”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have spent several days slogging through beginner tutorials, but haven’t really come up with any specific to what I’m talking about.

Hi and welcome,

For the first tries, use Insert effects instead of FX Channels, please.