Using VST3 plugins


just upgraded to Spectralayers 11. So far , so good…

Wanted to process a layer through some plugins. All the non-Steinberg ones appeared, but none of the Cubase / Wavelab ones. Can you tell me how to get Spectralayers to include these too? I’ve looked in the manual but couldn’t find any mention of this.



That’s not possible, unfortunately. The bundled plugins are technically restricted VSTs and can only be used within the application they are bundled with. So, the effect plugins coming with Cubase are not available outside Cubase.

I see. So even if I have licences for both applications, which are technologically compatible, and come from the same company, I can’t open Cubase plugins inside Spectralayers. But I can open Spectralayers inside Cubase. Someone’s had a logic bypass in that setup…

So can I open Spectralayers in Cubase and open a Spectralayers project created in the Spectralayers app, within Cubase?

Right. You can’t even load the bundled Cubase effects within WaveLab or Dorico. They need to provide their own ones. That’s why some of the Steinberg plugins get installed several times.
As far as I can tell, most other DAWs also restrict their bundled (effect/insert) plugins so that they are not available in other applications. However, VST instruments, like Retrologue, PadShop or GrooveAgent bundled with Cubase can be used in other DAWs as long as Cubase is activated on that machine.

No, because SL runs as ARA extension when used inside a DAW. In this case it gets the required data through the DAW and – if I remember correctly – there’s no File menu present where you could load an SL project.
Of course, you could export the extracted stems/layers as audio files and import them in Cubase, but that’s probably not the workflow you have in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to explain. I think I get it now, though it doesn’t seem like the smartest way for a company to integrate three of its flagship products.

I am sure if we bring this to @Robin_Lobel 's attention it is something that he can consider for a future release.

It has been considered.

My message was about adding Batch Processing to the ARA plugin (which indeed comes with the monday patch), not about Cubase VST3s (I unfortunately can’t do anything about that part, it’s locked within Cubase).

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Wow , nice one Robin , so we can batch process via ARA inside Nuendo with SL 11 … Monday ?

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SpectraLayers ARA2 within Cubase allows you to drag the layer into Cubase and you can add the Cubase-specific VST3 plug-ins there.

Is that not the tightest imaginable integration though?

Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted yout earlier posts in those other threads.
Indeed batch processing makes little sense in ARA mode.

Robin, just contact the Cubendo PMs or contact Clyde directly. :grinning: Maybe it is just an oversight and they might be interested in opening up their plugins to SL when licenses for both programs are installed.

What has also happened over the years is that plug-ins from Cubendo have appeared in WaveLab over time … however they seem to each be more tighly bound to each application, i.e. you can’t just copy .vst3 files across.

yep !


Thank you !

My point is that it is integrated if you begin a project in Cubase and want to use Spectralayers, which you can as an extension, but if you start a project in SL you cannot use Steinberg’s own VST3 plugins which you already have a licence for, and which, as VST3 plugins, should be compatible as all the other VST3 plugins are. So no, it’s not the tightest imaginable integration for my workflow.

Given that it’s all Steinberg products, I don’t get it. Adobe’s Creative Suite is integrated. Microsoft’s Office is integrated. Apple’s equivalent is integrated. Why don’t Steinberg call it Audio Suite, or something and integrate everything?

Its not going to happen as Wavelab and Nuendo have application specific plugins. And some shared common ones such as standard eq, compresser, gate/expander etc.
I think some basic ones may come in future. But do you need them.

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Since one would have Cubendo or Nubase or WaveLab activated on the computer, why not make the plugins available also in SL?

Better to have them than to need them.

They’re the tools of my trade, of course I need them. It’s how I earn money to live on.

Typical scenario: unmix a song, decide a little EQ is needed on a layer. I want to use Frequency from Cubase, because I know it will do the job and I know how to use it. I don’t want to have to find a time-wasting workaround.

I know SL was previously a Sony app, but now Steinberg has it, it would seem like a clever strategic decision for them to integrate it with Cubase, Nuendo and Dorico. That’s what I would do if I were them. Just my tuppence ha’penny…

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand why you would want to do this inside of SL, is it just for convenience?