Using wavelab without USB eLicencer?

I am rather sure this has been discussed at length before, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this question:

Can I run Wavelab 9.5 on a mac without having the USB dongle plugged in?

Getting one and plugging it once for installation and licence transfer to a “Soft-eLicenser” (not really sure what this is) would be ok, but carrying the dongle around with my laptop is a showstopper. Right now it is the only thing that prevents me from buying it.

Sorry again for the basic question, and thanks in advance for any help.

I think you’ll find the definitive answer to be “no”. WaveLab Elements can run without the USB eLicenser via the Soft-eLicenser but not Pro.

I agree that it’s not a great idea to have even the demo of WaveLab Pro require a dongle. I’ve known this to prevent users from even trying the demo.

I’m not anti-dongle but this is a reality in 2019. People want instant and easy access. Usually when I’m on my laptop and I receive some potential files to master, I have to open them in RX to analyze them and make sure all is good, but would prefer to do it in WaveLab Pro.

It feels really good on a Monday morning when you’re ready to hit it only to realize you forgot your plethora of dongles at home that you took for the weekend “just in case” and didn’t even use . . . 0_o

According to Bob Katz, this will work with the Steinberg eLicenser if configured correctly:

It could be something worth looking into.

Hi all, thank you for your responses.
It’ll be a pass for me then. Such a shame, WL sounds like exactly what I need…

I have Wavelab Elements 9.5 in the usb dongle but can´t transfer to the e-licenser on my mac to avoid the usb dongle which always forget everywhere.

I’m also considering buying WaveLab… but the USB dongle is such a nuissance… NO pro app I use relies on such a disgusting thing.

NO pro app I use relies on such a disgusting thing.

What about protools?.. :wink:

Except Sequoia and I think SADiE My ProTools system (sure you can try and rely on iLok cloud but good luck with that if there’s no internet connection).

I’m using Virtualhere for about half a year now and it is really working great, even remotely through the internet. I have an eLicenser and an iLok plugged into my Synology NAS.
Really happy with it. No more dongle hassle :slight_smile: