Using WL Pro to master compilations

I have an ongoing job now to master albums of production music, which have come from different composers/studios. The main problem I’m finding is the difference in subjective loudness levels between the different sources. All of them were told to remove limiting from the stereo buss, so it could be worse, but obviously some are more compressed than others.

What features can I use in WL to help me with balancing the loudness and also tonality between the tracks ? I know about the Meta Normaliser: should I use that before I think about limiting (&/or compressing those tracks which are too dynamic) ?

Any other suggestions ?

Well, I do a bit of back catalogue and compilation work.

Unfortunately, I doubt that you will be able to automate relative levels. At least to an acceptable professional standard.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the different character of program material, or vocals might be sitting at different levels on some tracks. This is more a match levels by ear thing. Even Dialnorm struggles to get this right.

Maybe start with adjusting levels based on the quietest of the tracks.

Subtly extending spacings between tracks can be a helpful friend as it gives times for the ears to “reset” and allows a relatively quieter track to successfully follow one with more in-your-face energy. This is often useful when some tracks are made a decade or two before others.

In my humble view, WL montage excels in making these tasks easier.

Good luck.

Surely an initial pass with Meta Normaliser followed by manual jumping track to track and adjusting by ear will get you most the way there.

Normalising probably requires the Meta Normalizer and your ears.
IMO the Meta Normalizer can help but may not reach the loudness you want for very dynamic signals. The Loudness Normalizer might be an option for compressing peaks (or some other peak compression technique) before you use the meta normalizer.
It all depends on your loudness target / the intended purpose for the material (CD, internet or whatever).

Tonality between the tracks? That’s another question.