Utility to Check Your System for Data Processing Latency

Hi guys,
Just got off the phone with a Steinburg trained tech at Sweetwater. Yes, data processing latency can cause a lot of the program instability that I have been experiencing. Also, it seems that Intel chipset systems are more compatible with DAW’s than are AMD systems. If fact, I was told of one instance where Pro Tools would not even launch on an AMD powered PC. This incompatibility issue is apparently much more prevalent with older AMD motherboards. (You guessed it, I’ve got one.)
One way to decrease this latency is by disabling any unused ports and the power management functions in BIOS. Check out the website below for a utility program that will analyze your system. The first two bar graphs that show up when you run the utility, (current interrupt, highest interrupt) should be well below 400 (micro-seconds)according to Sweetwater. My computer is pinning the meters. Looks like i’ll be upgrading to Intel real soon.

Hope this helps,