uuuum no Eucon?

is euphonix/avid eucon supported yet or they have to put out new eucontrol like on previous versions?

i have it working with 6 but its flaky

mac osx 10.6.6 octo 2.8 etc

i have an mc mix, control v2, mix, transport

and only in cubase do my tracks not line up with what i have in the template. i run PT 9 and Logic 9 on the same mac

i have 20 tracks lined up 1-20 simple to match my faders, and the first 8 are on the last mc mix, and the last are on the first etc

i re order the euphonix and it still happens

have the latest euphonix adapter or plugin from steinberg on here to and the latest euphonix drivers

click to logic and bam line up great

click to PT and bam line up great

looks like firmware update does it…

nope… still not showing up in device setup dropdown list :frowning:

strange couse its visible in midi port setup, quick control,…

did you load the latest eucon adapter from steinberg? i had to run that for it to show up in the drop down in 6

i think you are absolutely right. that would be in mysteinberg if im correct?

well i checked on my eLicencer and i have full licence already, as it works perfectly with cubase 5 and pro tools 9, and i doubt it will allow to re-activate all my mc mixes as such.
is there anything else downloadable maybe?
Sience its working fine in cubase 5, isnt there something i could rip from cubase 5 settings and copy somewhere else?

like “Steinberg EuCon Adapter 6.0.mpg”?
where should i obtain it?

pfheeew found it… this should have been a lil bit straight forward…