UVI Drumreplacer problem with Nuendo 12

Since 6 months im using UVI Drumreplacer ver. 1.2.5 without problems in Nuendo on my 2020 iMac i9, 10 core, 72GB ram, Mac OS Monetery 12.5.1.

Drumreplacer update ver. 1.2.7 crashes Nuendo immediately without a crash report available afterwards. Same version works without problems in Cubase 11.
trashing Nuendo preferences and reinstalling Nuendo makes no difference.
I also contacted UVI support. They are very supportive and are investigating the issue, mailed a ver 1.2.8 update, which didn’t make a difference either. They also told me, that to them I’m the only one with this issue.
So I just wanted to ask, if any of you use UVI Drumreplacer and ran into the same issue with upgrade to 1.2.7?
Thanx, kind regards

hi woflger,

i have had many problems popping up with drumreplacer and NU12 (monterey & M1). i can’t say exactly why and when it happens; seems to get more problematic when the projects get bigger. sometimes, i’m unable to re-open them without experiencing NU quitting (no crash report either), as you describe it. this happened with the previous as well as with the latest drumreplacer-version. so you’re certainly not the only one, and it has been going like that for a while.
haven’t been in contact with the UVI-support yet, will write them when i find a minute.


thank for responding Benoit!
That’s interesting, Drumreplacer version 1.2.5 works perfectly in Nuendo 12.0.51 on both my machines (I also tried with my Mac Book Air M1, Monterey). My problems only started with version 1.2.7.

I use the UVI Workstation. Great sounds. But I cannot use it with separate outputs in Nuendo or Cubase. If I try to do that, when I try to reopen the project it fails. I’ve also spoken with UVI about this and they told me a similar thing - “you’re the only one with this problem”. They updated Workstation and we’ve had multiple updates of Nuendo/Cubase but the problem still exists.

After hours of investigating I found out something new:
The crash of Drumreplacer 1.2.8 in Nuendo 12 is directly related to the preferences paramater
“Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are recieved”
The moment I tick this parameter Nuendo and Cubase crash.
UVI support can now reproduce the issue.


I have to see if unchecking this preference will allow me to use separate outputs in my UVI software. That would be great.

I’m having a “no license found” problem in Nuendo right now, otherwise I would check my software more thoroughly. However, I recently acquired Drum Replacer and used it a few days ago. I had an inconsistent experience when duplicating tracks that contained the Drum Replacer. If I recall, I believe it did crash or I had to restart Nuendo in order to get sound.

I am using both on Windows 10.

New official UVI Drumreplacer update 1.3.0 fixed my problem.

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…good to know!