UVI window not full size?

Does anyone have trouble seeing the whole window for the UVI Workstation? I’ve whitelisted it, and can get Dorico to play the Virharmonic Bohemian Violin, but I can’t see the whole window to make changes. It’s cut off on the right and bottom, and can’t be scaled. Seems like it’s locked to x by y pixel ratio. Doesn’t have this problem in Nuendo or standalone, only Dorico. I’m at the latest release (2.1.10) Ideas? (Win 10, 4k monitors)

There is still a known issue with Hi-DPI monitors displaying VSTs. Hopefully will be fixed soon.

Thanks Dan. Switching to 1920 x 1080 works for now, with the obvious drawbacks.
BTW, Nuendo also has that problem on several setup screens.

It’s surprising to me that this is an issue, since hi-res monitors are hardly a new thing (of course I know nothing about coding, so that’s easy for me to say). Finale also continues to struggle with Hi-DPI scaling.

I spoke too soon. Still doesn’t work completely. Part of the window is still cut off, even if I go down to 720p. Oh well.
Agreed, I struggled with Finale on that as well, but at least there seems to be a resolution that will work. Lots of fancy features, but still can’t nail the basics.

There is a list of things Dorico doesn’t do correctly, but it’s quite short (for me, at least), greatly outweighed by its strengths, and shrinking with each update.

FWIW, I seem to have a different problem than you. I’m stubbornly staying in 4K mode, since I’m in love with the detailed resolution for full scores. And my VSTs are actually tiny (and much smaller than the window provided for them).

In Windows 10, did you check your screen resolution scaling? Display—>Scale and Layout. I don’t think there’s really a universal solution to the 4K problem (scaling menus up so they’re readable).

Is this perhaps a Qt implementation issue?

No, the audio engine, which is responsible for the handling of plug-in windows, doesn’t have any dependencies on Qt. I expect the issue is actually that the developers of UVI Workstation need to update their plug-in to work correctly with regard to high-DPI displays (just as e.g. our own HALion team are in the process of doing at the moment).

There appears to be an option in the preferences of UVI workstation to set the UI scaling - eg see p14 of the manual: https://s3.amazonaws.com/uvi/UVI+Workstation/uviworkstation_user_guide_en.pdf