UVI Workstation in Cubase Studio 4

I’m going back to my trusty Cubase Studio 4 on a older 32 bit Mac Pro and I can’t seem to find a way to use UVI Workstation as I would usually do in my other DAW (iMac + MPC Renaissance) There, I would just add another track assigned to the same UVI plugin, change midi channel and voilà ! But in Cubase Studio 4, I can’t find the solution. I just want to be able to use all midi tracks provided by a single UVI plugin instance, and not create a new UVI instance every time I want a new sound. I’m in Cubase Studio 4.5.2 with UVI Workstation 2.6.15 (last 32 bit version). I know it works fine in recent Cubase versions (9-10) but I don’t feel a need to upgrade (nor do I have the money) and I want to get back to my old habits and trusty 32 bit hardware so, any help would be greatly apreciated!