UVI workstation v3.0.5 (last one)


When I load a track with UVI workstation last version and click on the files manager for indicate to Workstation where are the sounds bank ==> crash of Cubase pro 10 …


3.0.1 has some weirdness going on (sometimes, the selection doesnt select properly causing me to restart the uvi workstation)

but it works… this was fine in v9… i am on win7 tho so i dont know if that plays a role… (windows 8 is a no-go btw)

I might upgrade to 3.0.5 later and I will let you know how it went…

thx for the info =)

edit: yeah, but its ugly and sorta like a “my first sony” (without modding the shell etc) … why do you think that they skipped 9 (which was going to be in 8’s footsteps and jumped right to v10 (going back to the style/format we all have gotten to love and appreciate? :wink: - Personally, I can’t stand win8…=)

(windows 8 is a no-go btw) lol it’s a very stable system (8.1) :slight_smile: