UVI Workstation won't load Cubase 13 Mac OS Sonoma

Having a bit of trouble with UVI Workstation.
The moment I install it, Cubase freezes on startup, and I cannot run the UVI workstation on its own either, won’t launch, just keeps bouncing in the dock.

I have a Macbook Pro M1 Pro, 32 Gb of RAM, Mac OS Sonoma. On the UVI website it says that all of their products are fully compatible with Mac OS Sonoma.

The UVI portal app runs fine, though.

Anyone else have this problem ?

I could be wrong but i think i’ve seen people mention on these forums that Cubase isn’t 100% compatible with Sonoma yet?

Likely a compatibility issue

Maybe, but that stull doesn’t explain why UVI workstation won’t launch on its own…

Yeah seems odd, but if the standalone doesn’t work then it’s likely UVI side.
Maybe try reinstall workstation.

If that doesn’t work then i’d try speak to them to make sure the VSTs are fully compatible with Sonoma

When i was a mac owner i wouldn’t touch newer apple versions until the forums confirmed full workability

There was a new update for Mac OS Sonoma and I installed it this morning. UVI workstation now launches standalone but still doesn’t work in Cubase 13.

UVI Workstation was placed in the blocklist but when I try to reactivate the plugin in the plugin manager, Cubase crashes…

Any ideas ?

Edit : never mind. I did a rescan of all plugins, Cubase found 1 new VST Instrument, namely UVI workstation and removed it from the blocklist.
Strange then that it crashed when I wanted to remove it manually from the blocklist.

Couple of days later, same problem again. Haven’t installed anything in particular, except a free instrument from UVI Portal.
Have used the UVI Workstation uninstaller, cleaned the disk with Onyx, no use. Just keeps bouncing in the dock and doesn’t launch (UVI Workstation standalone). The plugin won’t work in Cubase either anymore.

Have had the same kind of behavior with the Musescore app on Mac. Since I upgraded to Sonoma, it just won’t launch anymore…

Edit : better add iLok to the list as well… same behaviour, icon bounces in the dock, nothing happens.

Strange, all my other apps work without any issue, just these three won’t. I’ve uninstalled, cleaned the drive, reinstalled,all to no avail. Don’t know what to do next, really

Most likely a sonoma issue then, might be fixed with later updates.

I also installed UVI Workstation on my M2 Max MacBook Pro last month in order to get a copy of the free Noctua instrument. It has worked without issues since installation. I’m on the latest version of Sonoma. Just posting this to let you know it is possible to run this on Apple silicon/Sonoma/Cubase 13. Hope you manage to get it running smoothly.


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