V. 1.2 ORGAN channels ?

Congratulations WONDERFUL work… ouffffff

… So, question,

Am I missing some thing?

Earlier Dorico version was showing organ as 3 separate channels into de Play piano roll view.

Wondering why now ist only one channel integrated all three staves?

Of course we need to have sapparated channel to manage organ division in the right way.

Any advices are welcome.


It’s possible that each staff was showing its own track header prior to Dorico 1.1, but I don’t think you could in practice route each staff of the instrument to another channel, I’m afraid. This is definitely something that is on our radar, though, so that you can get down to the level of an individual voice on an instrument being played by its own channel if necessary.


My comment about the Organ is also true about the Piano !
With out this feature different nuance for each hand are not possible.

Hope those possibility will be avaialable as soon as possible.