V 10 Biggest pile of unusable c&*p yet

The Chord pad does not work - press a pad some times it plays other times a small set of lines appears. The menus at the top do not function.
The transport bar is unusable…NO Pre count setting for Metronome???
Unable to adjust tempo (only sometimes)
To be honest I could go on and on. This version has been released purely to get your money - it is a poor effort - (known as the Dorico effect)

I have always been happy with Cubase versions and updates - but this is just wrong.
PLEASE REFUND… I am serious about this I want my Money back…

Then you need to contact the seller, this is a user to user forum.

Working like a charm here. Have you tried deleting your prefs?

Many of the problems you keep posting seem to be quite rare among users. I for one don’t have most of them. You should check your configuration/install, whatever.

The floating transport window has a GUI glitch with a missing metronome entry, as others reportetd as well, same here. The metronome is available at the bottom transport though.
All in all I can’t reproduce most of what you describe.

andyp13, I am sorry to hear that! But indeed, please contact support directly!

Working really well here…like the other post suggested…possibly trash your preferences to see if it clears up the issues.

How do I trash my preferences?

Try this…

Try troubleshooting before… shooting…

I saw a case in the issues forum where somebody had similar problems to these = in their case, this was fixed by updating their audio interface drivers. I’d suggest updating your drivers and plug ins to the latest versions.

No issues at all with mine

To be fair, you could argue that your post would give any software hoping for the title of biggest pile of unusable c&*p yet a good run for its money. What machinery are you using? Windows or Mac? 8.0, 8.1, 10? Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave? In my case installation of 10 in Windows was a lot clunkier than on Mac - and it took a while before everything was installed fully. First time I installed on Windows I unintentionally interrupted the installation. Next time I let the machine take its time and lo and behold a more comprehensive and familiar installation screen appeared. On Mac it was painless. 10 is now working well on Windows and Mac for me.


Operator error…

I get it. The OP is frustrated but the post doesn’t help anyone, particularly himself.

Today you need a fast computer and a decent sound device
Makes a world of difference as things move upwards.
I am over the moon with Cubase 10 so far

All the best

My computer is top spec with Scope soundcards. Cuba’s 10 is clunky, the menus are screwed up and the transport bar is just beyond a joke… this version really is a money making exercise not an improvement…

So what’s your question?

Re install everything. My C10 works now better than my C9.5. I wrote instructions on issues section.

I’ve actually found this version to be very good and started using it more than Studio one but the chord pads thing is happening to me also, sometimes they play, sometimes they don’t…in 8.5 this doesn’t happen, dunno about 9…never used it…was on S1v4
but 10 is very stable…not one crash! opens and closes like lightning…variaudio 3…awesome!! chord track …awesome!! (S1 failed with their version of the chord track IMHO) Studio one is gonna have to become as fully featured as this version of cubase to get me back using it I reckon…but please stop moving things about unnecessarily…

sorry…went of topic a bit there :unamused:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

C10 working fine on my windows box. Better than 9.5, less realtime spikes in ASIO performance meter, generally slicker feel to GUI refresh, faster start up. Install was done right next to my existing 9.5, including its preferences, and went smoothly. Both 9.5 and 10 are working well. (I had a back up ready just in case though!).

Only thing I have noticed is occasional rendering anomalies - video playback not quite refreshing the window correctly on stop, occasional text font rendering issue. These clean up by triggering a window refresh.

All in all quite impressed and certainly not what I expected given some of the (legitimate) grief expressed by some souls who’ve had a rough time.