V 5.5.2 HD Files Not Recording on Performer Side?

Was recording a VO today. Connection good. Everything working as it should at first. But in mid-session, apparently HD files stopped being recorded on the Performer side. There was no indication of this happening as we were working. Only discovered the issue when downloading the HD files at the end of session. Checked the Performer folder and only the HD files indicated in the Pool screenshot are available on the Performer side computer.

In other words, for no apparent reason recordings 15-29 were not saved as HD recordings on the Performer computer.

Will now have to use lower-res recordings from my side, which is a drag. Using wired internet connections. There were no connection issues that I could see; the status bars were solid green with no red lights.

Any suggestions/ explanations/ ways to avoid this in the future?

You may have disabled record enable on the main channel (RECORD section). This will warn you once, however, because in that case, no more HD is recorded unless you have single channels (mic, inst) enabled instead. Other than that, we have zero reports of problems recording HD.

As for “lo-res”, depending on what you record and what resolution you chose for online recording - for instance, with single signals such as vocals, and at 320 kBit - compression quality is so good that it is very hard - if not impossible - to tell the difference.

Who knows? I don’t THINK I disabled record enable. This was my first time using v 5-- and my last time intensively using VST Connect was about a year ago on the latest iteration of v4. As you may see in the forum record, had some related issues in that version, for whatever reason, so zero reports isn’t entirely true (that was on a three-month, very intense audiobook project). On the other hand, maybe all reported issues have come from me, which would imply very specific user problems (read: I’m probably doing something wrong :disguised_face: ). And there were hardware issues on the Performer side. That was not the case here yesterday, however).

In any case, all’s well that ends well, and yes, for narration over music the compressed file quality was just fine. Sonically it’s a very workable fail-safe. I would never tell the people in QC, who would bust me if they knew, but they’d have trouble figuring it out themselves once everything was mixed.

I do very much appreciate how on-point you are responding to issues in the forum! Of course I’m going to happily continue using VST Connect Pro. Saved me a lot of time and gas yesterday. Will try to bullet-proof my workflow, and will report back if inexplicable issues arise.