V-control pro/ iPad

Hi everyone.

Is anyone using this set up to control cubase? Great app , works great but I can’t seem to get the V-Window to operate in my dual monitor set up.

I use it for Plug-in control in Cubase. The V-Window feature is just fantastic, you can control any open window on a PC or MAC from the App.
It is the reason I bought an iPad.
Do you have the latest Ney-Fi utility installed?

Yep, I have the latest… . Utility and software update. Can’t get the v window working though. Strangest thing tho, if I launch guitar rig standalone, I can control it using vwindow. I also use sonar x1 d and can’t get the window working there also…

Glad to here of your success with it. Paul over there is trying to get me running.

Good luck and thanks for taking the time.

The support at Neyrinck is great. I had some questions/problems early on, and they were quick to respond and very helpful. I am sure you will get it sorted out. Good luck.