"v.s." and "time"

hi there – it seems that Dorico does not yet handle automatic “v.s.” indications for page turns, which in a way I’m happy about, as that can get to be too much – but it would be helpful to have the reverse and less common indication – “time”, which is something musicians write when the designated rest is engraved after the page turn, when the rest does not fit on the page for some reason or is a better fit on the next page. This would be really helpful. I suppose it’s something musicians typically put in pencil after receiving the part, but still.


You might find this post helpful:

Leo, thank you, but I’m a bit confused by the instruction…

  1. From any layout, select something at the end of the last bar on the page (or what will be the last bar of the page in the part layout) and type Shift-X.
  2. Type “V.S.” or “(time)”.
  3. If you like, set the Border property.
  4. In the part layout, in Engrave mode, drag the Shift-X text item where you want it. (My preference is under the staff, flush or even slightly overhanging the margin).
  5. In the score, select the text item and, with the Set local properties locally/globally switch set to Local, turn on the Hide property. This will hide the text item in the score only.

You can now copy and paste this text item anywhere you like. It will retain its Hidden property in the score, and it will retain its offset properties (the properties that make it underneath the staff and flush with the margin) in, at least, the original part layout. I have a feeling that if you, for instance, reuse a “V.S.” from a Violin 1 part in e.g. a Cello part, it will still retain its offset properties, but don’t hold me to that.

interesting suggestion - thank you!