v1.2 Percussion Problems and other

Write Mode

  • Step-by-Step recording for percussion only works in the displayed pitch, (e.g. F3 = Bass Drum), not the GM standard pitch (C0 = Bass Drum), which most people who play drums on a keyboard are used to.
  • The System displays the name of specific drum (e.g. Bass Drum) AFTER you wrote it, but not (as a rollover) before. Not very helpful if you are unsure which drum is notated on which line.

Percussion Grid / Piano Roll (Play Mode)

  • When drawing in the percussion grid, the rhythmic grid is completely wonky. The program displays lines every beat (seems to be hard-coded).
  • There is a pull-down menu for rhythmic grid (full/half/quarter etc.) which seems to be a vestige of write mode and does exactly nothing in the percussion grid
  • when placing notes in the percussion grid, every second (!) note I draw is aligned to the hard-coded 1/4th note grid, every other note is freeform. Whaaa?
  • I can move notes sideways in the rhythm grid editor, but since there is no functioning snap to grid, they end up in weird places
  • I cannot move notes up and down in the rhythm grid, which would be helpful to correct “oops I played toms instead of cymbals”-kind of errors
  • You can move notes in the piano roll editor, but moving in time also suffers from the lack of functioning rhythmic grid, and transposing only works to SOME notes, not others.


  • I still cannot drag notes with the mouse (up/down to transpose, left/right to move in time). Why. Is. That. Not. Possible. It feels like I have my hands tied behind my back.
  • Real-Time recording (pitched instrument or percussion) still not possible
  • Play Mode still ignores repeats

1.) I think you can change the input method to use the GM keyboard under one of the properties panel. Can’t find it off hand, but I know I’ve seen it.

2.) I rather like that you cannot drag notes in the Dorico. Too often, in other programs, I have tried dragging the page and due to processing lag, or poor clicking, I ended up moving notes and other items. Dorico was designed so this would not happen. If you need to move a note, you have to intentionally do things to move the note. Not accidentally move something.

1.) is found under the general preferences of Dorico, not one of the layout/engraving/note options